Augmented reality

The Next Technology of the Future!

Mobile Kiosk

A simple Industrial solution to all

Mobile Kiosk is an easy way to lockdown mobile devices to use for a dedicated purpose. With kiosk mode, it prevents user interactions and activities on devices to access non-relevant applications, limiting user behaviors to certain access.

By using kiosk mode, administrators or IT departments are able to prevent misuse of devices when they are deploy in the field during operations. Kiosk mode does not allow administrators to assign relevant applications to respective devices only but allows them to have the ability to disable communication protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile network to name a few. Having these features in Kiosk mode, security of the devices and organizations have increase to a higher level.

Benefits at a Glance

There are plenty of advantages to choose augmented reality, whether it’s onsite or for training purposes.

Time On Site

Troubleshoot, repair and solve issues on site in real-time using AR support. Therefore, eliminate unnecessary travel cost.

Training To
Improve Safety

Provide safety briefing and training remotely without getting down to site.

Abide To Safety
And Compliance

With AR support, technicians are able to receive LIVE view on issues. Thus, avoid operating hazardous equipment wrongly.


Equipment owners receive expert support from OEM remotely. Nevertheless, reduce time wasted to arrange visits on-site.


With AR application supported, employees can locate fire fighting equipment faster in time of emergency (i.e. fire extinguisher).


Data are updated via servers to allows up-to-date info and details to display for existing plants or machines on Smart devices in real-time.

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